Dogstreat Chicken

Dogstreat Chicken


Ingredients: Ground peanuts, tapioca, chicken, vegetable glycerin, molasses, phosphoric acid (natural perservative), hickory smoke flavor, apple, carrot, garlic powder, spinach, green pea, banana, broccoli, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, citric acid (natural perservative), mixed tocopherols (natural perservative), rosemary extract.

HOW IT WORKS:The DOG for DOG™ Movement is a buy one, give one program. For each item purchased, a like item will be donated to a dog in need. With the purchase of their DOG for DOG™ products, retailers have the opportunity to select a local rescue organization where their items will be donated. Once their rescue has been selected, DOG for DOG™ will contact the rescue to inform them of the pending donation.At the time of the donation, DOG for DOG™ will send the donated items directly to the retailer or distributor, and they will then distribute the donated items to their rescue. If the retailer decides not to select a rescue organization, DOG for DOG™ will donate their items to one of our partner organizations. Donations from online orders will also go to one of our partner organizations.

WHERE WE GIVE: We give in the country where the items are purchased from. Currently our largest giving is in the USA, followed by Canada.

PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS: Humane Society, Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue, and Best Friends Animal Society. DOG for DOG™ will release an annual giving report with the details of our movement.

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