Dogsbutter Original

Dogsbutter Original


Available in 16 oz

HOW IT WORKS: The DOG for DOG™ Movement is a buy one, give one program. For each item purchased, a like item will be donated to a dog in need.With the purchase of their DOG for DOG™ products, retailers have the opportunity to select a local rescue organization where their items will be donated. Once their rescue has been selected, DOG for DOG™ will contact the rescue to inform them of the pending donation.At the time of the donation, DOG for DOG™ will send the donated items directly to the retailer or distributor, and they will then distribute the donated items to their rescue. If the retailer decides not to select a rescue organization, DOG for DOG™ will donate their items to one of our partner organizations. Donations from online orders will also go to one of our partner organizations.

WHERE WE GIVE: We give in the country where the items are purchased from. Currently our largest giving is in the USA, followed by Canada.

PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS: Humane Society, Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue, and Best Friends Animal Society. DOG for DOG™ will release an annual giving report with the details of our movement.

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